VEGETAL STEM CELLS (PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica)

Vegetal Stem Cells are often dormant or lethargic, but the first shock are activated to repair the damage.

The definition of stem cells applied to the vegetable world is to indicate the cellular capacity to derive from a sprout, subsequent growth of all tissues of the plant.


Vegetal Stem Cells are not only present in gems, but also in young sprouts, seeds, roots and bark, as also in plants they are responsible for the growth of the organism or parts of it. Vegetal Stem Cells are known as meristematic cells compounding the embryonic vegetal tissue (or meristem) where happens the division that will allows develop of the fully-grown parts of the vegetal organs.


Vegetal Stem Cells are able to carry out an unlimited number of replicative cycles, i.e. make identical copies of themselves, without slowing down their turnover, so that they maintain their ability to renew themselves or to differentiate and become “specialised cells“.


Vegetal Stem Cells used in cosmetics are derived from  Uttwiler Spätlauber Malus Domestica, rare varieties of Swiss apple.


PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica is the name of the innovative and revolutionary anti-ageing ingredient based on a high-tech cell implant technology. It is a liposomal preparation based on Stem Cells obtained from Uttwiler Spätlauber Swiss apple, whose fruit is rich in phytonutriens and proteins.


The natural active principle is based on an extract of stem cells obtained from the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple and cosmetically formulated. It aims to guarantee stimulation, protection and maintenance of the functional of the skin stem cells.


This rare Swiss apple has a distinctive compared to other varieties, not “wither” because it contains longevity stem cells that protect and preserve the fruit of his life enduring.

The fruit is sour, less palatable than other qualities of apples as tasty and juicy. However, this apple is stronger and withstands all winter without to go bad.


The apple tree is gibbous, twisted, almost overlooked, as a parent who thinks only good of the children, in this case the fruits.


The flowers of apple tree are full of light and sweetness, the seeds are small, contained within the core, in the five-pointed star, formed by five-petals flower, symbol of the time and eternity.



Regarding the botanical characteristics, we must remember that apple tree belongs to the family Rosaceae and the apple is a false fruit, real fruit is the core which contains the seeds whereas the edibile part comes from the cup thickened.


Brigthness gained from the fruits, if rubbed, is due to a layer of bloom, a waterproof substance that has similar characteristics to the wax, which is slipping away the drops of water preventing fruit to go bad on the tree if the rains become too much intense.


The apples will keep well for a long time in cold temperatures, the composition of the peel, in fact, prevents the evaporation of water contained in the pulp.

(photo: Uttwiler Spätlaube apple)