Against cutaneous ageing


From Italian Cosmetic Research

on physiological cell renewal processes

for the first time in Cosmetology




the skin cell regenerator that opposes the ageing of the skin
and protects it from environmental pollution


DHIATINONI® Complex Anti-ageing Line associates NONI anti-free radical tested effectiveness to other molecules showing a highly protective action against physiological or induced skin degeneration.
The mix of actions realized by this synergy of active components of natural and biotechnological nature has satisfied the most in depth scientific studies, proving the power of DHIATINONI® Complex in stimulating skin immune system and reduces the free radical attaks by 40%.


Thanks to this “integrated active system”, the skin can protect itself from exogenous and endogenous polluting agents aggression (damages caused by sun, wind, smog, smoke, stress, irregular eating habits, pesticides, etc.), regulating cell activity and regenerating damaged cells.


DHIATINONI® Complex is formulated with ingredients eudermic aimed at optimizing the activity of the active substances high moisturizing, nourishing and dermoprotective contained in it and to facilitate its penetration in the skin.



Actions and Results with DHIATINONI®


Every application of DHIATINONI®
reduces the free radical attaks by 40%


From the Noni fruit, KIPOS DHIATINONI®

– DHIATINONI® Complex ANTI-AGEING, Revitalizing, Face Cream
– DHIATINONI®  STEM CELL, Anti-wrinkles, Filler effect
– Adriana DHIATINONI®  STEM CELL EYES CONTOUR, Anti-wrinkles Gel-Cream, perfume free.








The first cell regenerator that stimulates the renewal of skin cells

and fights cutaneous ageing

Anti-age – Anti-wrinkles – Anti-oxidant – Filler effect

For the first time, from rare plants such as Uttwiler Spätlauber, it was possible to formulate, in cosmetics field, highly effective products against the progressive ageing of human skin stem cells.


The vegetal stem cells are obtained from the fruit of this particular plant belonging to an ancient variety, now rare, which is located in Switzerland. Its fruit, the apple, is known for his extraordinary ability to remain fresh for long periods of time stemmwithout whitering.


– DHIATINONI® STEM CELL Anti-age Anti-wrinkles, filler effect 

– Adriana DHIATINONI® STEM CELL EYES CONTOUR, Anti-wrinkles Gel-Cream, perfume free