Specific for Abdomen and Hips



This is a cream with a high concentration of active substances, selected to act in a targeted, complete and synergic way on the most deeply rooted adiposities and on the most resistant imperfections, such as those present on the adbomen and hips. It has a triple action on the skin:

it helps the dissolution of fat cells

it significantly reduces the orange peel effect

it redesigns both the abdomen, which appear flatter,  and the hips which are leaner


The body acquires a more harmonious and vital appearance. Ideal after pregnancy. For all skin types, even sensitive skin.


Main natural substances::

Guaranà, Centella asiatica, Ginkgo biloba, Integral Seaweeds, Bitter Orange extract





BIOCELL Gel-Cream against Cellulite*

Draining effect



Created to improve body areas predisposed or affected by cellulite. Cream-gel helps to:
contrast the accumulation of fat
encourage elimination of liquid and toxic stagnation
restore the natural elasticity of the legs


The active substances with a specific draining, moisturising and elasticising effect contained in this Cream-Gel allow a rapid and effective action. The Lift complex contained in it ensures a “lifting” effect that improves the appearance of the skin of the treated areas. It gives tone and shapes the silhouette. Ideal after pregnancy or in pre-menopause. For all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Main natural substances:
Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, Officinal melilot, Ginseng, Fucus