Moisturizing, Remineralizing Body Cream, After bath




Characteristics and effect

Super-moisturising and nourishing body cream based on Chondrus crispus Coralline Algae, Aloe Vera gel and other natural substances.  The special marine formulation, rich in minerals, vitamins, micronutrients, filmogenic agents and protective substances, ensures optimal hydro/lipid balance of the tissues.

● It helps boosting cells oxygenation.
● it hydrates and strengthens the skin’s natural barriers, thus preventing dehydration.
● It gives renewed vitality to the skin, which looks brighter, soft and toned.

Its soft texture is quickly absorbed, leaving a silky and delicately scented veil on the skin. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.









Main natural substances

Coralline Seaweed: red seaweed with energizing and mineral balancing action; protectiveaction against IR rays. It reinforces and gives tonicity to skin structure.

Chondrus crispus seaweed: rich in vitamins and aminoacids, acts like strong moisturizing filming, protective and regenerative action on the skin.

Shea Butter: moisturizing, nourishing, decongestive. Particularly suitable for thin and delicate skin.

Sweet Almonds Oil: softening, nourishing, soothing, rich in Vitamins and Minerals,helps to fight skin ageing.

Alole Vera gel: thanks to its richness in polysaccharides gives a particular moisturizing, lenitive and softening effect on the skin; particularly, Aloe gel improves the immune defence of the skin.

Silk Proteins: give moisturizing, protective, filming, smoothing and shining effect on the skin.

Soja Proteins: give filming, moisturizing and conditioning effect.