Intensive bi-active cream that prevents and counteracts the imperfections
caused by stretch marks and skin relaxation




Its high concentration of active substances helps to counteract the loss of elasticity of the supporting skin fibres. The skin is so moisturised and nourished that it regains its softness, tone and elasticity.

It prevents the formation of new stretch marks.

It significantly reduces those that have already been formed.

It tones the skin and gives it a more uniform and compact appearance.


Main natural substances

Centella asiatica: it tones up and improves the quality of tissues.

Ceramides: their restructuring action helps the cohesion of new cells.

Shea butter: balancing, anti-reddening, hydrating, nutrient and firming natural function.

Sweet almond oil: emollient, nutrient and elasticizing.

Vitamin A: elasticizing, antioxidant, anti-radical, anti-ageing. It stimulates the renewal of skin cells and maintains hydration for a long time.

Vitamin E: protective and antioxidant action on tissue cells, it slows  down the ageing process.