ANTI-AGE Complex


Characteristics and Results

The innovative and exclusive Dhiatinoni Anti-Age Complex is the epidermal cell renewer that counteracts the degenerative process of the skin caused by physical ageing. Formulated with natural active substances it protects the skin against:

• free radicals • oxidants • pollution • stress.


The adaptogenic and synergistic action of the natural active substances present in the Complex

• Strengthens the skin’s immune system.

• Stimulates cell renewal.

• Offers a complete anti-ageing action to the skin.


The face looks younger, brighter and full of vitality.
For all skin types even the most delicate.


Main natural substances

Noni fruit, Grape Seeds Bioflavonoids, Vitamin A, Trace elements, Oryzanol.



Anti-age, Anti-wrinkles, filler effect



Characteristics and Results

The new Dhiatinoni® Anti-age  Complex, enriched with the Stem Cell of a rare Swiss apple, Uttwiler Spätlauber and by the active Peptides, has generated this exclusive concentrated, anti-wrinkles, antioxidant, restructuring and firming Cream.

It is a liposomal preparation based on apple stem cell.

• Stem cells interact with their derm’s counterparts.

• They boost collagen and elastin production.

• They promote cell renewal.


Dhiatinon Stem Cell has a complete anti-ageing action on skin:

• Wrinkle reducer (Active Peptides)

• Deep wrinkles filler (Uttwiler Spätlauber’s stem cells)

• Antiageing (Dhiatinoni ®Complex).


It reshapes facial contours with a”filler” effect. The skin is soft, firm and relaxed.


Main natural substances

Noni fruit, Apple Stem Cells, Grape Seeds Bioflavonoids, Active Peptides, Sweet Almon Olil, Macadamia Seeds oil, Vitamin A, Maltodextrin.