ANTI-WRINKLE* 24h Firming Cream

It prevents and combats wrinkles with a 24h retarding effect.  It nourishes and strengthens the elastic structures of the face.


It promotes and stimulates the natural functions of the skin. It prevents the process of relaxation of the elastic structures of the face. Ceramides make up 40% of the “biological cement” of our skin, particularly the stratum corneum, protecting, improving and regenerating the skin barrier by reducing the loss of transepidermal water. Retinol complex in Betaciclodextrin, the result of the latest technology, allows a gradual release of active substances on the skin over 24 hours.



The synergy created by the active substances contained in the cream has a triple action on the skin:

Anti-wrinkle, Retarding effect (Retinol in Beta-cyclodestrin)

Hydrating, Smoothing (Hyaluronic Acid)

Firming, Regenerating (Betaglucan, Ceramides, Phytosphigosines).


Especial formula for mature skin. Thanks to its rich formula, it can also

be used as a night cream. During sleep, it acts in depth in harmony with the night cycle of regeneration and cell renewal of the skin.


Main natural substances

Beta Cyclodextrins/Retinol, Jaluronic acid, Ceramids, Phytosphingosines, Scleroglucan, Oryzanol.